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iKala Marketing Technology Company

With the experience of serving over 10,000 advertisers and brands, iKala provides industry-leading "Digital Transformation" and "Data-Driven Marketing" products and solutions with its state-of-the-art AI implementation framework "DAA flywheel", to help merchants, enterprises, and customers transform and accelerate their digital business.

iKala's DAA flywheel iKala's DAA flywheel iKala's DAA flywheel iKala's DAA flywheel


Enterprise customers use big data lake to incorporate omni-channel data.


Enterprise customers strengthen analytics capability and data-driven decision making culture with iKala’s off-the-box machine learning services.


Enterprise customers use iKala’s AI-powered MarTech to do performance-based advertising campaigns for customer acquisitions.

Cloud Division

Cloud Division

iKala Cloud Division is your company’s best guide to digital transformation. Years of research and development have given iKala the pragmatic experience to help enterprises successfully modernize their IT infrastructure and incorporate smart AI solutions, with the end goal of improving product value, optimizing business efficiency, and building long-term competitive advantages. iKala’s solutions cover modernization of cloud infrastructure, enterprise big data lake, and machine learning for marketing. Click to learn what iKala can do for you

MarTech Division

MarTech Division

iKala MarTech Division is the expert in data-driven marketing. iKala combines artificial intelligence with a human-centered focus to provide multiple user-centered, data-driven marketing solutions. We help companies and brands analyze consumers’ digital footprint, conduct highly effective segmentation, and plan performance-driven advertising campaigns. iKala’s MarTech solutions cover influencer marketing, social commerce, ROAS-based creative automation, and much more. Click to learn what iKala can do for you

We are a recognized partner of Google and Facebook