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iKala is Asia's leading Human-Centered AI Company

iKala: A Human-Centered AI Company

iKala's mission is to "enable AI competencies" of our enterprise customers, to increase their customer acquisition capability and customer lifetime value, by providing AI-driven digital transformation and data-driven marketing solutions, services include iKala Cloud, KOL Radar, Shoplus, and CloudAD. More than 400 enterprise customers across 12 industries, along with 15,000+ advertisers, including Fortune 500 companies, have used iKala's technology to transform their business, reach and sell to their customers with AI. iKala is proudly recognized as "Google Technology Partner", "Google Cloud Premier Partner", and "Facebook Marketing Partner". iKala is operating in Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, Hong Kong, Philippines and Malaysia. As a customer-centric company, we are dedicated to creating more value for customers by continuously investing in our services and innovation.

iKala flywheel
iKala implements a state-of-the-art DAA flywheel (Digitalization, Analytics, and Application flywheel) framework to provide a clear roadmap and strategy for AI adoption.


Enterprise use iKala CDP to incorporate omni-channel customer data.



Enterprises strengthen analytics capability and data-driven decision making culture with iKala's off-the-box machine learning services.



Enterprises use iKala's AI-powered MarTech to do performance-based advertising campaigns for customer acquisitions.

iKala Cloud — Products and Services

CDP, machine learning solutions, and cloud infrastructure for Business Infrastructure and Business Intelligence
Asia's AI Digital Transformation Expert
iKala Cloud is your company's best guide to Digital Transformation. Years of research and development have given iKala the pragmatic experience to help enterprises successfully modernize their IT infrastructure and incorporate smart AI solutions, with the end goal of improving product value, optimizing business efficiency, and building long-term competitive advantages. iKala's solutions cover the modernization of cloud infrastructure, enterprise CDP, and machine learning for marketing.
APAC DX enterprise customers
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iKala Commerce — Products and Services

Integrated social commerce and influencer marketing service for brands and retailers to sell and do marketing across social media channels in New Retail
Asia's Leading AI KOL Data Platform
iKala's KOL Radar is an AI-powered influencer marketing platform that combines advanced data analytics and smart recommendation for an innovative and effective influencer marketing. The platform covers over 50,000 KOL data across Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Malaysia. With iKala's exclusive AI technology, KOL Radar is able to collect and analyze a massive amount of real-time data from mainstream social platforms including Facebook, Youtube and Instagram.
KOL database
Social statistics
The Fastest-Growing AI Social Commerce Service in SEA
iKala's Shoplus is an AI social commerce selling service targeting SEA social sellers. Based on its cutting-edge technology and human-centered product design mindset, Shoplus provides a one-stop solution including AI-Live Sell, AI-Chatbot, and AI-Messenger Plug-in for both brand and individual social commerce sellers across multi-devices anywhere anytime through Shoplus.
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We are a recognized partner of Google and Facebook

  • Google Cloud Premier Partner
  • Google Technology Partner
  • Google Analytics 360 Partner
  • Google AdTech Partner
  • Facebook Marketing Solution Partner
Google Cloud Premier Partner
Google Cloud Technology Partner
Google Cloud Technology Partner
Google Cloud Technology Partner
Facebook Marketing Partner