About iKala

About Us

iKala's mission is to "enable AI competencies" of our enterprise customers, to increase their customer acquisition capability and customer lifetime value, by providing AI-driven digital transformation solutions and data-driven new retail services, including iKala CloudKOL RadarShoplus, and CloudAD. More than 400 enterprise customers across 12 industries, along with 15,000+ advertisers, including Fortune 500 companies, have used iKala's technology to transform their business, reach and sell to their customers with AI. iKala is operating in Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, Hong Kong, Philippines and Malaysia.  As a customer-centric company, we are dedicated to creating more value for customers by continuously investing in our services and innovation.

iKala Milestones

  • $17M USD Series B Funding
  • Dr. Lee-Feng Chien, former Google Taiwan Managing Director, joins iKala's Board
  • iKala Hong Kong Subsidiary Established
  • Facebook Business Partner
  • Google Analytics Marketing Certification
  • Picaas Product Launch
  • iKala Vietnam Branch Established
  • $10M USD Series A & A+ Funding
  • Shoplus Product Launch in Thailand
  • KOL Radar Product Launch
  • Google Technology Partner
  • iKala Singapore Subsidiary Established
  • iKala Thailand Branch Established
  • Google Cloud Premier Partner
  • Straas Product Launch
  • GCP.expert Product Launch
  • $3.3 M USD Pre-A Funding
  • Seed Funding
  • LIVEhouse.in Product Launch
  • Online Karaoke Product Launch
  • Angel Funding
  • iKala Founded in Taipei