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Vision and Mission

Artificial intelligence is transforming human society: now and the future. Our mission is to empower business with AI and make the technology beneficial to every stakeholders from individuals, organizations to enterprises.

iKala has launched multiple lines of products and services. We help people and companies in two major fields: "Digital Transformation" and "Data-Driven Marketing". Services include end-to-end digital transformation and data infrastructure service iKala Cloud; data-driven influencer marketing platform KOL Radar and AI-powered social commerce selling service Shoplus.

Vision and Mission

Technology and Product

iKala believes the foundation to a sustainable business is a customer-centric approach to technology development and product design. Co-founder Sega Cheng came from Google. He leads the team to actively pursue technological advancement and product improvement, and he invests heavily in research and development. He put together an elite team not seen anywhere else in Taiwan, with staff from first-tier companies such as Google, Yahoo!, HTC, MediaTek, and Microsoft. iKala’s excellence in technology makes it a Google Technology Partner, Google Cloud Premier Partner, Google AdTech Partner, and Facebook Global Marketing Solution Partner.

Company Culture

Freedom and Responsibility is the core DNA of iKala since day one. We believe that talents are the foundation of any corporation. iKala respects the opinion of all our employees, and we utilize a peer-based system when it comes to career advancement, such as Peer Review, Peer Interview, and Peer Bonus.

Global Scale

"Start from Taiwan and set sights on the world" has always been the ultimate goal of iKala. iKala is headquartered in Taiwan and operates in Singapore, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Philippines. And we are still growing.

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