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Topic 1

Social Commerce for Good 04/28

A 2019 report from Econsultancy found 85% of the SEA social media shoppers said they would buy more on social media over the next few years. With Facebook and Instagram launching their commerce tools, how can we find a new way to connect with our customers through social commerce? What are the future prospects of social commerce?

Topic 2

Innovative Application of Data 05/12

Data has become central to how we run our businesses today. How can we get useful insights from data instead of taking it at face value? Why is it important to build data literacy? A data scientist and an information design consultant are here to answer.

Topic 3

Global Expansion Strategies for Digital Transformation Service Providers05/26

According to IDC's Worldwide Digital Transformation 2021 Predictions, direct digital transformation investment is expected to approach $6.8 trillion. How can digital transformation service providers expand their businesses overseas? What are the important factors to consider before going global?

Topic 4

Future Talents06/09

While innovative talents are considered the driving force for the economy, how can we resolve Taiwan's brain drain problem? How can schools, enterprises and the government work together to cultivate innovative talents?

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