【CEO office】Social Media Intern

Website iKala

【Job Description】
  1. Assist with the development and maintenance of social media content bank.
  2. Assist with the design and execution of social media campaigns.
  3. Create and distribute content such as social posts, blogs, infographics and videos on iKala's owned media.
  4. Track social media engagement to identify high-performing ideas and campaigns for scalability.
  5. Assist in website content maintenance.
  6. Assist in creating BI dashboard for permanence management.
  7. Support CEO office's weekly chores.
  1. Good understanding of social media KPIs.
  2. Basic knowledge of SEO and web traffic metrics.
  3. Excellent verbal and writing communication in Chinese and English.
  4. Excellent multitasking and time-management skills.
  5. A keen sense of aesthetics and attention to details.
  6. Team player.
  7. Outstanding interpersonal and communication skills.
  8. Undergraduate/ Graduate in the senior year.
  1. Familiar with design software and technologies (Including but not limited to Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop).
  2. Familiar with web design and publishing.

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To apply for this job email your details to amy.chen@ikala.tv