【iKala Cloud】Senior Data Engineer- CDP

Website iKala

【Job Description】
  1. Write well-thought-out, maintainable and reusable ETL jobs.
  2. Design and optimize data processing pipelines according to business requirements.
  3. Design well-understanding data cleansing strategy.
  4. Analyze and troubleshoot data quality issues.
  5. Communicate technical decisions through design docs, tech talks, and code reviews.
  6. Participate in our agile processes, working towards, and contributing to, the goals and vision of our roadmap.
  7. Collaborate with product, design, engineers(frontend, backend, data, devops), data scientists, and business development teams to find innovative solutions to problems.
  8. Mentor other data engineers when needed.
  1. Are able to write high quality code in a programming language. (Golang and Python are our main programming languages but it is not a must.)
  2. Strong knowledge of SQL.
  3. Strong knowledge of distributed computing and performance tuning.
  4. Strong knowledge of distributed file systems, object based storage and storage optimization.
  5. Familiar with workflow design.
  6. Familiar with Git and Git flow.
  7. Familiar with Relational database or NoSQL database.
  1. Experience with public cloud (GCP, AWS, Azure), GCP is a big plus.
  2. Experience with OpenAPIv3.
  3. Experience with CI/CD tools, including Jenkins, CircleCI, TravisCI or others.
  4. Experience with Docker, Kubernetes.
  5. Experience with the concept of TDD/BDD/DDD.
  6. Experience with monitoring system ex. Prometheus, AWS CloudWatch, GCP Stackdriver.
  7. Experience with logging system ex. EFK, AWS CloudWatch, GCP Stackdriver.
  8. Familiar with the concept of RESTful and REST API frameworks, ex. Flask, FastAPI, etc.

To apply for this job email your details to diana.lu@ikala.tv