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漸強實驗室的主要產品是 2019 年發表的 SaaS 平台 Messaging Analytics & Automation Cloud (MAAC),是目前業界領先的 MarTech 解決方案。MAAC 平台是在 GCP 上透過 Kubernetes cluster 與 serverless 服務所搭建出來兼顧高可用和高擴展性的服務,身為一位 DevOps 工程師,在漸強你會學習到工程團隊如設計可靠的系統,並且同時兼顧成本考量,你將會貢獻你的經驗,確保漸強的 SaaS 服務時時刻刻保持在健康狀態,持續的優化系統的 observability、security 與 CI / CD 流程,與漸強團隊一起實踐 DevSecOps 文化,這會非常有趣且充滿挑戰,期待你的加入! 




  • Create, manage and integrate software to automate and secure public cloud environments. 
  • Participate in design reviews and production reviews for new features, products, or infrastructure components. 
  • Work with engineers across the company to build innovative new features that operate at scale. 
  • Drive efficiencies in systems and processes: capacity planning, configuration management, performance tuning, monitoring, and root cause analysis. 
  • Plan for the growth of the company's infrastructure.


  • Master's degree (or Bachelor's degree with 3+) years of experience in Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science or related major. 
  • Fast-learner and having passions for solving tough problems, and abilities to solve them. 
  • Experience in writing software in one or more languages, such as Python, Go, JavaScript. 
  • A good understanding of large-scale distributed systems in practice, including multi-tier architectures, application security, monitoring and storage systems. 
  • Have a deep understanding of containerization technologies such as Kubernetes and Docker. 
  • Hands-on experience working in GCP or AWS environments.


  • Experience with Infrastructure as Code tools, i.e. Terraform. 
  • Experience with Prometheus 
  • Experience with ELK stack

Our Tech Stack

  • Google Cloud Platform (Cloud Run, Cloud Function, Pub/Sub, GCS, BigQuery, Logging …) 
  • Kubernetes 
  • Helm 
  • Docker 
  • PostgreSQL 
  • Redis 
  • RabbitMQ 
  • Nginx 
  • CI/CD ( Jenkins, Github Action ) 
  • Monitoring ( Prometheus + Thanos + Alertmanager + Grafana )


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