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2020/08/11 - The Business Times

In today's context, operating without AI is like taking a shot in the dark. At a basic level, AI applications can help brands make personalised recommendations based on their tastes, use chatbots to navigate online and offline stores, and learn what content resonates with their audience.

2020/07/23 - e27

"We hope that iKala commerce can handle all channels, social platforms, stores, all kinds of e-commerce platforms you have in your hand. That's the direction that we're going," Sega Cheng said.

2020/06/16 - Taipei Times

iKala is tapping into rapid-growing AI-powered social commerce — where people use social networks to sell and buy goods — in Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam, Thailand and Singapore.

2020/05/25 - PR WEEK

Experts and journalists have rightly attributed Taiwan's gold-star handling of COVID-19 and its ability to cope, adapt and survive trying circumstances. Brands in Taiwan have demonstrated as a similar resilience as they battle reduced spending, falling consumer confidence and changing shopper behaviours.

2020/05/15 - Taiwan Business TOPICS

With the help of generous government support and some newly introduced regulatory frameworks, a flourishing startup space centered around AI products and solutions has begun forming in Taiwan in recent years. One of these startups is iKala, originally an online karaoke and live broadcasting platform that years ago decided to first switch to cloud streaming for enterprises. 

2020/04/30 - Bangkok Post

Thailand's live social sales on Facebook have surged more than 200% since February as people are hunkered down at home, with the trend likely to continue after the outbreak, says Shoplus, an artificial intelligence (AI) social sales provider from Taiwan.