【AI team】機器學習工程師

Website iKala

【Job Description】
  1. Research and analysis state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms and NLP models to meet company business objectives.
  2. Researching and developing machine Learning models to predict user preference and behavior for better personalization.
  3. Prototyping with practical algorithms and AI models, gathering data, training model and fine-tuning hyperparameters.
  4. Building and deploying robust and scalable model application to production with Google cloud platform components.
  1. Bachelor's degree or above in Computer Science, Engineering, Physics, Mathematics or equivalence. Master degree preferred.
  2. Intermediate skills in at least one programming language (like C, C++, Java, or Python)
  3. Proficiency with a deep learning framework such as TensorFlow, Keras or Pytorch
  4. Experience with applied machine learning to real-world datasets
  5. Theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience in Machine Learning/Deep Learning and NLP.
  6. Strong research and analytical skills.
  7. Good communication skills.
  1. Hands on experience in ML/AL and Google cloud platform, particularly Cloud AutoML, Cloud ML engine (Vertex AI), or Cloud ML API.
  2. Working knowledge of recommender systems.
  3. Participate in open source projects or have Github repos for side projects.

To apply for this job email your details to amy.chen@ikala.tv