【iKala Commerce】資深網站前端工程師

Website iKala

【Job Description】

We are looking for a software engineer who can build and support web applications with a diverse and engaged user base.
As a software engineer of the Commerce Web team, you will be responsible for the development of client-side logic, implementing features by using Shoplus or KOL Radar internal API.
The software engineer is an integral member of our product development team. You will work in an agile environment and with collaborators who are distributed across multiple ASEAN countries. You will have the opportunity to work on greenfield projects on social commerce as well as integrating products into a cohesive, micro-service ready platform using React in a cloud-native environment. Our ideal candidate should be not only passionate to craft and deliver the product with great impact, but also believe that a successful product comes from several iterations of build-measure-learn.

  1. Write well-thought-out, maintainable code.
  2. Develop and maintain features by integrating our internal API or third-party API.
  3. Communicate technical decisions through design docs, tech talks, and code reviews.
  4. Participate in our agile processes, working towards, and contributing to, the goals and vision of our roadmap.
  5. Collaborate with product, design, and business development teams to find innovation. solutions to problems.
  1. Experience in HTML, CSS and ES6.
  2. 3+ years of experience in software development, and familiar with React & Redux.
  3. Familiar with RESTful APIs.
  4. Experience with Git and Git flow.
  1. Familiar with TypeScript, Next.js.
  2. Familiar with Agile and Scrum.
  3. Familiar with concept of BDD/TDD.
  4. Experience in OAuth 2.0.
  5. Experience in Backend development.
  6. Participate Open Source Project on GitHub.


To apply for this job email your details to amy.chen@ikala.tv